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Dispatches from "Block by Block: Community News Summit," at Chicago, Sept. 24, 2010

This wiki is running notes by Bill Densmore of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute (RJI) on the proceedings of the event "Block by Block," bringing together more than 70 local online news community (LONC) operators from around the U.S. and Canada.


The "tag cloud"

Most of today's participants gathered for dinner on Thursday at a Chicago hotel. Co-convenors Michele McLelllan of RJI and Prof. Jay Rosen of New York University, decided that, rather than schedule an after-dinner speaker, they would instead ask the local online news community (LONC) operators in the room to stand, describe what ideas they hoped to share with the group on Friday, and explain what they'd like to learn. Here's sort of a "tag cloud" of the key words that we heard from the speakers. Some terms are repeated because they were mentioned repeatedly.

tools to tell stories / learning Wordpress / social media / Joomla / making money / collaboration / six years of Baristanet / how to sell ads / What to do when someone asks: "Do you want investment" / getting grants / making money / collaboration and distribution / training for neighborhood bloggers / building your own tools / websight design / succession and vacation planning / dealing with (AOL) / partnering with legacy media / when someone offers money / getting users to subscribe (, Santa Barbara) / getting, motivating volunteers / fostering engagement / doing investigative reporting / reaching disadvantaged audiences / fiscal sponsorship / keeping volunteers happy / brand distribution / sustaining with no $$$ / getting people to work for free / making university connections / mapping / making affinity marketing work / volunteer enlistment / using social media / forming consortium / forming ad syndicate / making ads work better / public broadcasting collaboration / teaching audiences to contribute / networking / handling willing investors / engagement beyond website / sustaining community / business partnerships (vs. ads) / grass-roots marketing / accessibility / credibility / Drupal