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The initial-generation iPhone was released in the summer regarding 2007. Apple has since released three updated devices and three new versions regarding the iOS operating system. These updates have added a lot of new features to the device -- most importantly, the capacity to put in third-party applications. Exclusive unlocked iPhone means the iPhone is not proscribed to a solitary wireless carrier; any compatible SIM card can admittance the gadget's full functionality. With order to upgrade your phone, you must manage extremely via iTunes.


1 Connect your unlocked first-generation iPhone to your PC , plugging it into the PC's USB port. The first-generation iPhone came with some docking station. If establish upward, simply location the iPhone on its dock.

2 Launch iTunes, via the Start menu. If there is an iTunes icon shortcut on your desktop, double-click it.

3 Click "Update." iTunes will start downloading the newest version of iOS currently available for the unlocked initial-generation iPhone. Whenever the download totals, iTunes will begin applying the update. Once installed, the device will reboot with the updated software and look within iTunes again.

Tips & Warnings

If your unlock came close to via jailbreaking your iPhone, you will waste the unlock plus the jailbreak. You must update your device according the strict jailbreaking rules in order to keep the unlock.


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