You light you cigarette backward 11

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Trouble: Easy


1 Unscrew the filter cartridge from the battery of the NJoy electrical cigarette. The filter is the component that resembles the cigarette filter.

2 Screw the charger into the end of the NJoy battery, in the receptacle from which the filter was removed.

3 Plug the charger to some wall outlet or into the USB port on your computer , depending on the model. Be indeed that the computer remains turned on.

4 Permit the NJoy electric cigarette to charge until the indicator gentle on the charger changes green. Newer models do not have any indicator light, which means that is you must duration the charge. Recharging an NJoy cigarette haves anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours, depending on the model.

Suggestions & Warnings

The NJoy electric cigarette may remain on the charger with some full battery for a long time with no damaging the battery. The battery is designed to turn off when it is perfectly charged. It is recommended to charge the product to approximately three hours former to its first utilize.


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