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All registered vehicles must contain auto insurance coverage inside North Carolina.

The Car Financial Obligation Work of 1957 requires that all engine vehicles registered with North Carolina be covered by an automobile liability insurance policy at the time of registration. The liability insurance need to also remain useful in continuous coverage for seeing that long as the vehicle is registered within the express. If the owner of the automobile allows his insurance coverage to lapse, the insurance provider has a work to report the proprietor for the lapse regarding coverage.


1 Notify the Division of Motor Automobiles. When the owner of a vehicle does not pay for his car insurance, ensuing from a lapse of automobile liability insurance coverage, his insurance agent need to report this lapse to the Division of Car Vehicles. The insurance agent should have reported that is the owner had purchased insurance upon registering the vehicle, and he should report to the similar place whenever the owner lets his insurance lapse.

3 Report the owner of the automobile via phone. North Carolina's DMV Customer Assistance Office takes telephone calls on 919-715-7000.

4 Report the owner of the vehicle via the mail. Include relevant information, such as the proprietor's name. If you have the license plate amount plus VIN amount to the car, include those in your record. North Carolina's DMV accepts mail at the subsequent address:

Division of Motor Vehicles

3148 Mail Service Center

Suggestions & Cautions

You have the option regarding reporting the person anonymously to the DMV Liability Insurance Unit.


North Carolina Department of Transportation: Liability Insurance Frequently Asked Questions North Carolina Division of Transportation: Need to Contact Us?


North Carolina Division of Transportation: DMV Liability Insurance Unit

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