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Create a Desktop Icon That Links to a Internet site

Thems easy to put any icon on your desktop that is takes you to some web page. Read the way in which to execute it!


Computer Internet access mouse

1 Open your web browser also open your favorite web page.

2 Look at the top of your web page and find the address bar. Now look to the remaining also notice the small icon. It can appear unique the web page or it may be generic. Though there's always an icon to the swift left of the web address which constantly begins out http:// or https:// .

3 Using your left mouse button, Click, hold, plus drag your icon to your available desktop. Your desktop is the broad available place with your recycle bin on it. It often has any picture regarding your kids, cat or landscape.

Left go regarding the mouse button also exclusive icon will appear.

4 Rename the icon. Often the icon's name will be too long for your comfort. To rename it, just right click it, click rename and kind what you prefer.

Suggestions & Warnings

Drop these shortcut-icons on your flash drive and admittance your favorite web pages from each and every computer !


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