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Many homes only include 1 computer that everybody in the family shares. Find out to disable to password recovery for your Firefox browser if you share a computer so that other family members may't log into your accounts, either on purpose or accidentally. You might moreover want to disable this tool if you are using some public computer, such being by the library or on a college campus.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Go to the "Tools" menu at the top of your Firefox browser window. A drop-down menu will open, and from that is menu, select "Choices."

2 Pick out "Security" away from the pop-up box that opens. This choice can be found in the top about the box, along through additional menu choices.

3 Set the two the choices to use some master password and to save passwords are not checked. If they are, click on the tiny boxes next to these options to un-pick out it. These options appear below the options in regard to pop-increases and add-ons.

Suggestions & Warnings

You may create various profiles for different computer users if you share any computer and want to have your symbols saved without having worrying around others using your accounts. Have your passwords and owner names memorized or written down somewhere if you are disabling the password recovery option.

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