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If you have a blog that includes link to your other articles, videos, or other blogs, sometimes you prefer to available those links in new window to keep your visitors from leaving your blog page. But normally, blogs are default to open up on the same window.

Here are most easy steps to tweak your blogs to generate links open in new window.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Blog Post

Log in to your blog and go the the post along with the link that is you wanted to modify to make it open on new window.

2 HTML code

Edit the portion about the link by inserting the HTML code previous to the closing bracket. Click the image to see what your code must appear like.

3 Save also publish your publish. Try to go to the post also click on the link and understand if it will open to any new window. If not, go back to your HTML code plus verify if the code was inserted properly.

4 Blog Template

Extra way to open links inside new window remains to implement it to the whole blog. Edit your blog template plus go to the header to insert various HTML code proper under the header. Your HTML code must look like the snapshot shown. (click the image)