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Insurance factors sell supports such as property, life and automobile insurance to the public. Anyone wanting to become an agent should acquire any state license.

Variety regarding supports

Insurance factors in many instances market several types of insurance, such being living, health , property and casualty, and disability. Numerous factors as well sell mutual funds, securities and annuities, and offer financial preparing services.

Property and casualty insurance agents sell policies that is guard individuals and businesses from financial loss stemming from events that is bring about possession damage, such being fires or typhoons.

Life Insurance

Lifetime insurance agents sell policies that give beneficiaries funds when the policyholder dies; they too sell annuities to be used as retirement income.

Health Insurance policy

Health insurance agents sell medical plus disability policies, which cover strength care and loss of income caused by sickness or injury.

Captive vs. Independent

One insurance agent who works for just one company is referred to as a prisoner factor. A broker, or independent factor, represents several corporations, matching his clients with companies offering the most appropriate coverage and rates.