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Compose a Curriculum Vitae

Any curriculum vitae, or CV, is used to land any job , grant or award in the academic world much more often than thems well-known sibling, the résumé.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

Printers PCs résumé paper résumé software

1 Assemble your information: degrees, diplomas, papers published, books also documents authored, patents earned, courses taught, grants and prizes earned.

2 Determine on some style. As with résumés, here are formats geared toward every objective.

3 Clarify your objectives. Are you looking for some location? Graduate admission? A patent? Are you sending a reserve query?

4 Check out current trends with CVs inside books also magazines and on Web sites dedicated to careers and graduate plans. Look with CVs on the Web , especially within your orbit of curiosity.

5 If you're any job seeker, list courses taught (latest first), including institutions, departments and courses. Also contain special classifications similar as division head off, graduate counsel, committee member, etc.

6 If you're a would-be contributor, initial listing documents, books, papers or columns authored; include publication, issue, year and publishing house.

7 If you're some hopeful graduate student, list diplomas, GPA, experience and knowledge first.

8 Include thesis topics also areas of interest in detail; this document will be applied to gauge encounter, applicability and interest.

9 Have a literate friend or co-worker proofread, edit also generally review your document to clearness and polish.

10 Recall to contain a little bit of personality in your CV through your language and your special style.

11 Update and polish your curriculum vitae every time anything changes: a Ph.D. earned, a professorship on MIT, a book accepted for publication, etc.

Tips & Warnings

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