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The Web address about the blog--or any other file for that is issue--is its the place on the Net . Anyone that wants to access the blog make use of that Web address. You have to indicate a little creativity if you want to enter some new Web address on Blog*Spot right right now mainly because of the immense number about URL's that are already registered. In the Blogger blog, you may add links to your blog on numerous Web sites to attract more readers.


1 Log in your Dashboard page.

2 Click the Settings tab.

3 Click the Publishing tab. Select your Web address out of the tab labeled "Blog*Place Address."

4 Log in to your Web server also use the URL to create any link in the HTML editor.

Suggestions & Warnings

You can choose to change your Blogger's blog URL at any level by just changing it inside the Blog*Spot Address tab plus then republishing the blog. You can create your URL address with "www" and it will yet point to the same blog, so this is entirely up to you. When making a new blog, you will probably have to try outside a number of possibilities for your URL address expected to the large number regarding URL's that is are already registered on Blog*Spot. Out of the alphanumeric characters, the dashes "-"are the only a single supported on the blog URL. It remains not feasible for you to use spaces, underscores or each and every additional characters regarding this type. If you want, you can pick your own URL hosted somewhere else. You would then get to select a domain and usually pay for the hosting. In this case, the label regarding the URL address will be simply "URL." Frequently bear in mind that you have to save the settings and republish the blog if you have made all modify in order with these adjusts to take impact.

This URL is the way that is visitors locate your blog, also if you determine to alter it, any links leading to your posts will become dead links.

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