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Xbox Reside is an online gaming service that charges some monthly or annual fee for use. As such, they save your billing and credit card information once you create any account. Although, numerous gamers wish to remove their credit card info from Xbox Live to diverse causes, such whereas issues of privacy or with expired cards. Microsoft generates it easy to remove or edit credit card information.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy


Things You'll Require

1 Log within to your preferred web browser on a computer for Internet admittance. Navigate to the Xbox Live home page. See the assets section to the hyperlink.

2 Click the "Sign in" text at the best right about the web page. This will take you to a Windows Reside ID sign-on page. Enter your Windows Live ID username and key, which you made whenever you signed awake for Xbox Live. Click the "Sign from" key to log into the Xbox Live web site.

3 Click on your gamertag, which is displayed near the top right section about the website. This lets you look at your gamercard whereas nicely because update your profile. Click on the "Contact Info" text, which yous located to the appropriate of your avatar. This guides you to a page where you can update your address, telephone number and other make contact with data.

4 Click the "Manage Payment Options" text on the left part regarding the screen. It's the bottom option on the sidebar menu.

5 Click the "Remove" text following to the credit card that is you'd wish to remove from your Xbox Live account. A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. Click on "Indeed" to finish deleting the credit card.

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