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At RJI Pivot Point Chicago, working groups on Tuesday afternoon addressed three questions designed to help initiate the project-building process:

  • What functions should the news “industry” fullfill (for communities)?
  • What structures or elements might be useful to do so?
  • How might key processes operate?

"The world we want to create"


  • Community - A collection of individuals grouped by geography,

interest, race, religion, or creed


  • Best possible interface to community information, consumption,

production, contextualization, and discussion


  • Involve and inform communities
  • Strive for transparency
  • Sustainably finance operations
  • Open research processes
  • Seek the truth and provide context


  • Private, for-profit companies to be created or invested in to solve problems
  • Bring best people over, not outcasts
  • Use open source mentalities when possible
  • Services, not end-user interfaces
  • Build for inclusion
  • Highlight contextual relevance (metadata)
  • Recognize and reward provenance
  • Same interface for the reporter and the user -- reporter is power user, guide, leader, and moderator
  • Look to fill gaps in information, fill gaps with experts


  • Nothing is sacred
  • Work hard to make things simple
  • Use data to drive decisions
  • Open collaboration between public and private, private and private
  • Seeking partnership and/or sponsorship
  • Monetize entire value chain
  • Listen to audience

Matt Galligan
Circa CEO, Co-founder
(217) 899-3512 · @mg