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Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2012 03:44:29 +0000
From: Ben Huh <benhuh@gmail.com>
Subject: Chuck and Ben's discussion

Ben's notes of the conversation, confirmed by Chuck:

  1. We believe that journalism requires a "format change". We don't know what the new format is, but we want to experiment.
  2. Mobile will be a huge disruptor and a second wave of challenges in both monetization and distribution/audience.
  3. We see this coming disruption as an opportunity, but we need more than one organization to tackle this and get to success.
  4. We're looking for organizations who want to discuss and tackle the format change with us.
  5. The technology that will power the format change is not yet created and is a big hurdle for new orgs.
  6. Not all news orgs will support this idea as it will "move the cheese" and require a massive cultural shift of how journalists think about their jobs.

We discussed the contents of following posts: