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Pre-convening conversation:

  • Tom Grubisich, StreetFight.com and Local America
  • Al Stavitsky, Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno

We found we share a strong belief in the centrality of engagement in the reinvention of journalism. And we look forward to deep exploration at Pivot Point of just what engagement entails, going well beyond the concept as buzzword. Tom’s hyperlocal and Local America work and Al’s initiatives in university/media partnerships represent models for building community and connecting journalists and citizens as partners in meaningfulways.

We’re encouraged by the structure of the Pivot Point gathering, and by the diverse backgrounds and interests of the participants. That offers promise that this meeting could truly yield fresh thinking -- and viable projects -- for fostering community through information. Our only concern is the wisdom of pairing a Cubs fan (Tom) and a Mets fan (Al) while the teams do battle at Wrigley.