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Tom Slaughter, Inland Press, and Jack Galmiche, Nine Network

June 25, 2012

Inland Press

  • Inland Press – most member newspapers have less than 50,000 circulation daily, most around 20,000 daily circulation. They are independent and family-owned chains.
  • Only successful if members are successful. Only do things that promote readership.
  • Major metropolitan dailies are desperate in terms of their cost structures and advertising non-exclusivity.
  • Inland’s members have more time to make transitions than major metro dailies.
  • Inland strives to keep papers healthy, give them a chance to succeed in years to come, help people achieve something concrete and give people strategic tools they need to be successful.
  • There is an enormous gap between the resources of large and small newspapers. But small papers still provide vital information to their communities, such as the classifieds, that is not the case in large markets.
  • Two Fundamental Challenges:
        • Impact on economy of 2008-2009 financial collapse
        • Demographic and lifestyle changes that affect readership and penetration
  • The fact that professionals ages 20-40 get their news online, even though most of that news comes from newspapers, is a huge problem.
  • Arm newspapers executives with tools to be successful.
  • Consider the enormous gap in the resources and challenges of large-market papers and small-market papers.
  • Individuals in smaller market have a greater identity with their local newspaper.

Nine Network

VIEW: Galmiche slides about engagement and the Nine Network. (PDF DOWNLOAD/VIEW)