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Here is how you set up the printer: 

1) When you have a document you want to print, hit command-P or go to File --->PRint

2) A print dialog box will pop up. At the top of the box it says Printer:  

3) Click on the area to the right of Printer: in the box where there may be the name of some printer 

4) Another smaller dialog box will pop up and at the bottom of it it will say "Add Printer" 

5) An "add printer" box will pop up.   

6) Position your mouse over the HP LaserJet 1020 and click once 

7) A section will open at the bottom of the box with three boxes:  Name:  Location: and Print Using:

8) Click in Name: and give this printer the name HP LaserJet 1020-NEW  

9)Now  Click in the Print Using: box area.  It will say "Choose a Driver or Printer Model." 

10) Another area will pop up and one of the choices is "Select Printer Software." 

11)  Yet another dialog box will pop up with an alphabetical list of hundreds of printers 

12) Go to the Q Filter box on top  (this is like a search box) and type:  1022

13)  The list of printers will change to show just those with 1022 in their name.  ONe of them will be: 
       HP LaserJet 1022, 1.6.1 

14) Click on that choice to highlight it in blue.  Then click OK bottom right. 

15) The printer name selection box will disappear and you will be back to the Add Printer dialog box. 

16) Click on Add.

17) Another dialog box "Settup up HP Laserjet 1020-NEW will appear.  It will say "A sue for HP Laserjet1020 already exists. Would you like to create a new cue?"

18)  Answer by choosing "Continue." 

19) You're done. Now when you go to print documents, make sure the printer you choose is HP LaserJet 1020-NEW.