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Add emoticons to liven up your Messenger chats.

Windows Live Messenger permits owners to chat with friends and family all over the planet on the Internet . Users can play games plus receive email notifications through the plan. You can configure Windows Live Messenger to turn on every free time Windows begins up or links to the Net, or you may disable this element if you do not like it.

Difficulty: Effortless


2 Press "Alt" on your keyboard. From the menu bar that appears, pick "Options" away from the "Tools" menu.

4 Uncheck the box subsequent to "Automatically run Windows Live Messenger while I log on to Windows" to prevent the program from functioning automatically when you start your PC. Check the box if you need the program to run automatically.

5 Uncheck the box following to "Permit automatic sign from when linked to the Internet" to prevent the program out of starting each time you connect to the Internet. Examine the box to allow this element in Windows Live Messenger.

6 Click "Fine."


Windows Live: Windows Live Messenger My Digital Life: How to Disable plus Quit Windows Live Messenger away from Loading at Startup Automatically (Car Start)

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