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Dry-baked cookies, biscuits also biscotti dispatch properly.

When baking food items because gifts, consider aspects that will influence the food within transit. Unless you will be arranging to overnight shipping, some baked items might go poor or lose their shape and crumble before the person receives them. Ensure that is whatever you are baking may tolerate a range regarding temperatures, particularly if you are shipping the items or cannot insure fast delivery plus refrigeration. Also, take into account any allergies the receiver might have -- if you are not sure, find out.

Trouble: Tolerably Easy


1 Bake the day of the daytime before you are giving the gift to make sure maximum freshness. If you need to bake further within advance -- or if you are mailing the items -- pick recipes for dense, dry-baked products such as biscotti, fruitcake and pound cake. Items that are excessive in moisture, such like soft cookies or banana and pumpkin breads, can a lot more easily form mold.

4 Bake bar cookies filled with dried fruits, coconut or nuts. These types store their consistency well and will never spoil as simply as smooth cookies that are more heavily loaded with dairy items.

Tips & Warnings

If you are not sure the way well a food will stand awake to shipping, test it. Wrap the item like if you were shipping it plus shake it. If it holds its shape, you ought to be able to mail it safely. Hold perishable foods -- including meats, smoked fish and cheeses -- on 40 degrees Fahrenheit or beneath at all times, or food-borne bacteria will multiply considerably additional quickly. Complete not keep these items at room temperature for added than dual hours.


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