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When it occurs to medical benefits for one auto accident, prophecy on how you are going to pay with your medical bills is the best answer for handling your convalescence again to good health . It sure beats trying to handle the financial problem after the accident.

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1 Examine your car insurance policy policy to determine your medical payments (med-pay out) coverage. Take the free time to test with your agent to determine the exact medical payment coverage you have if you get in exclusive accident. Make word of the coverage cost; most common is $5,000.

2 Pull out your healthiness insurance policy or call your insurance policy firm. Uncover out if your strength insurance will cover the sleep of your medical bills to an accident once your med-pay away from your auto scheme runs outside.

3 Know what kinds of advantages also coverage are obtainable to you if you were not responsible with the accident. See if either or both your auto insurance corporation and strength insurance policy corporation will produce payments below med-spend. Your insurance companies can then initiate their entitled repayment away from the negligent party's insurance carrier.

4 Recognize the limits of your med-pay out on your auto insurance. Any dollar limit or time limit yous stated on your insurance policy policy. However, if you feel you would need more coverage, talk with your insurance policy companies to maintain it increase your coverage amounts. The period limit for med-pay coverage remains customarily 1 year away from the date regarding the accident.

Tips & Warnings

Med-pay is the cheapest health insurance you can purchase, and the most probable place that any one will be injured is in your vehicle. This is why some doctors commend $10,000 to $25,000 coverage.