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Money Tree payday loans provide you with the chance to borrow cash until you get your subsequent paycheck. It is easy to employ for a Money Tree payday loan. Follow the steps below to apply to some payday loan plus find out if you are approved within one hour.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Begin the application process. Download any payday loan application from the Money Tree website (view Means) or go to any Money Tree branch to pick awake any paper application. Another choice yous to call (800) 745-1011 to full the application by phone.

2 Fill out the application for the payday loan at home. Alternatively, fill out an application at some Funds Tree branch also hands it at once to exclusive employee.

4 Produce a post-dated check for the loan repayment amount to receive your payday loan. Look to the check to clear your bank account once you get received your paycheck and the post-dated day arrives.

5 Make contact with Money Tree when you are not capable to meet the repayment terms about your loan. Make agreements to repay the payday loan over any longer period of duration. Know that is Money Tree allows buyers to employ different repayment options only once within a 12-month period.

Fax the application to (888) 818-9792 or scan also email the application to website.


Download some payday loan application away from Cash Tree.

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