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Media Literacy Resources

  • Philadelphia conference: Rebooting the News
  • The consensus statement from Philadelphia
  • "News Literacy" -- the pilot curriculum from Stony Brook
  • The Stony Brook conference on news literacy (fall 2008)
Proposal unveiled to hire 50 laid-off journalists to teach "news literacy" to non-journalism college majors
  • AUDIO: Media literacy hits the real world -- lessons from Boston English


  1. There are so many sources of resources for media-literacy education. Frank Baker's Media Literacy Clearinghouse is great. But they are scattered and uncoordinated. Is there a need for any kind of formalized national clearing house? Government or NGA funded?

  1. What about a weekly five-minute update that keys off the news and includes perhaps a three-minute summary of a major national issue in the news followed by two minutes of directed activities for the viewing students? Is this something Newsy could help with?