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Basic shoes make a nice empty slate for a funny shoe design.

Funny shoes may be specified as some gift to cheer up somebody with the hospital. They may in addition be applied whereas a gag gift for all occasion. Funny shoes offer you a chance to customize your own special appear. Crazy shoes definitely generate a style statement.

Difficulty: Moderately Simple


Things You'll Want

Pencil and documents Plain shoes, simple tennis shoes, pumps or dress shoes Acrylic paints Paint pens Masking tape Assorted embellishments Acetone Sandpaper Shellac

1 Sketch out possible designs on a sheet of paper. Plain bright tennis shoes can be customized with paint pens, fabric trims or cut into with scissors.

2 Cut the shoe to the style you want. Any funny sandal can be made from of tennis shoes by means of cutting out the sides. Use any hole punch to make extra holes for laces or ribbons.

4 Add fabric trims to your shoe with hot glue. Fringe, ribbons or tassels can be added for further ability. Sew on bells to any funny shoe that cannot aid but get looks.

5 Leather shoes can also be painted. Any couple of taps with silly cartoons painted on generate a funny twosome regarding shoes. Use acetone to remove the finish, sand the complete surface and then operate acrylic paints to paint your specific design.

Spray a soft coat of shellac over painted areas or operate any waterproofing shoe spray. Nail polish can be used to paint on the rubber edge about the shoe. This can create an interesting component on leather shoes as nicely. Choose some glittery nail polish or some sparkle polish.


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