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Gordon internet harmless are digital and tough. The secures are made with fireproofing and strength, so that they are difficult to break into. Gordon harmless are also heavy, which helps prevent theft in anyone who might nab the entire safe. Opening the harmless requires two any critical also some symbol or code.

Difficulty: Easy


Important Password

1 Place the key in the safe and sound. Turn it toward the left. This will unlock the guide lock on the Gordon safes. Some safes will never need the key while others will own both a crucial and any digital code pad.

2 Get into the password or code on the pad. The password or code is set at the beginning when working through the safe. The code is a series of numbers selected previously.

3 Change the manage toward the left. Once the manual lock plus the code lock are opened, the safe and sound will open without difficulty.

Tips & Cautions

Change the batteries regularly. If the batteries die, opening the safe and sound can become difficult.


Possession Place: Gordon Digital Internet Harmless Houston Locksmith: Gordon Secures also Locks