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Finding the contact facts with an old insurance company can be a genuine challenge. Companies change their identify, move, merge, or merely go outside regarding organization . If the change occurred long ago, you may be faced by way of a extremely wintry trail by means of few leads. However, following the steps below can make it easier to position any old insurance company.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Things You'll Need

State insurance office directory listings Yellow pages (hard copy or online) Insurance search engines

1 Gather all the data available. This includes any names for the insurance companies, each addresses, previous annual records, etc. You will utilize this information to start your seek.

2 Verify the yellow page listings for any area(s) wherever the insurance company information is listed. If a webpage yous listed to the company, test it out in addition.

4 Examine out online look for engines for insurance related affiliations. A.M. Best compiles monetary and additional info about the insurance industry worldwide. The Insurance Facts Institute has an online database organized by region and in insurance subspecialty. The State Associations regarding Insurance Commissioners permits searches from state.

Suggestions & Warnings

The extra information you contain, the further likely your search will be triumphant. Sometimes even seemingly insignificant data can provide any discovery. If all else fails, look at using a business search service. Submit all the information you have beforehand obtained to the seek out company. Be cautious never to confuse comparable sounding names. They might be attached to entirely different companies. Whilst some searches are free, additionals are not. For searches which are not free, be clear about the charges upfront.


A.M. Best's Insurance Reports Missing Policy Investigation Find Lost Insurance Policies


Express Insurance Divisions Insurance Data Institute: Directory National Association of Insurance Commissioners: Jurisdiction Map

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