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The Michigan News Center

Proposed by: Steve Wilson
The Idea
Establish a non-profit, non-partisan, community-supported center for reporting news not supported by mainstream media, especially investigative reporting on issues of community/public interest.

What's Next? Would like to: 1. Collaborate with community journalists to find and produce local stories not otherwise getting the attention they deserve 2. Work with others to video, edit, post on web the stories we choose (including one major investigative report 3. Work with experts in social media to help spread the buzz about the availability of our work and to solicit from the community at large other new topics of interest to pursue on an ongoing, sustainable basis.

Going forward...needs, supports?
Have already paid for local study that shows 99% of respondents are interested in supporting this kind of public interest journalism. Now need: 1. Web site to be finalized. 2. Camera crew to shoot stories initially 3. Editor with computer equipment 4. Attorney to review material pre-publications 5. Insurance protection in case of any potential claims again any participants

Note: Start-up costs are not being sought. Non-profit incorporation fees, IRS certification as non-profit, etc. are being paid by local journalist Steve Wilson from personal funds he has committed.