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  • Notes from 2010-2017 of potential member classes:

JAN. 16, 2019 NOTES FROM:

Amie Stepanovich U.S. Policy Manager | Global Policy Counsel
Access Now Washington, D.C. |
tel: +1.202.573.4721

People I would highly recommend outreach with:

What is ITEGA?

Pyramid strucure

  • Membership > Advisory Board > Governing Board > Board of Director

Stakeholders (thought exercise draft)

  • Publishers - either as a whole or divided into two separate groups
    • “Large Publishers”
    • “Small/Medium Publishers”
  • Private Sector (could also be a group of large / small)
    • Advertisers
    • Technical Service Providers
    • Identity Service Providers
  • “Public” (unaffiliated, independent individuals)
    • Academic
    • Civil Society either as a whole or divided into separate groups
    • Privacy Experts
    • Freedom of Expression Experts
    • Technologists / Engineers
    • Journalists

Proposed tiered structure

Small Board of Directors (perhaps 1/stakeholder group)

  • Governing Board (3-5/stakeholder group - set working groups, draft documents, consult between Board of Directors, Advisory Board, Membership)
  • Advisory Board (10-15/stakeholder group - large set consulted for general expertise and feedback)
  • Membership at large - this could just be publishers or interested parties at large
  • (Thought of representatives elected equally between those who are promoted from within the stakeholder group and those promoted by the group at large-- think of U.S. Senate v. HoR)

Term limits?