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Public Networks

Using immediately available software, anyone can create their own social networking site from scratch in reduced besides a weekend. Using standard open source software with the framework and a dedicated social networking plug-in, anyone can create their own social networking site similar to Facebook or Myspace, with nil coding.

Difficulty: Moderate

things you'll need:

Web host account Content Management System (CMS) Software

Making a Site

1 Secure a web hosting provider that supplies SQL database and PHP, ASP or any of the standard web based script technologies by means of their plan. Most regarding the reasonably priced hosting providers provide these technologies in their fundamental plans.

2 Download one of the free Content Supervision System (CMS) software package deal such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress and install it on your web server. Most web hosting suppliers have automated scripts to perform this function for you in one uncomplicated step.

3 Download and install social or group module supported through your CMS of selection. Most web hosting suppliers supply scripts that support these performances.

Suggestions: JomSocial for Joomla, ferdi for Drupal also BuddyPress to WordPress.

Many regarding the software plans are relatively cheap or free of charge, but worth the tiny purchase on some circumstances. All regarding these packages own any big install base with stable and well supported software that will give any social networking web site confidence with their technology.

4 Configure the executive features you want to provide in logging inside the CMS administration page of your new web site and accessing the module administration manage panel. Insure privacy and sharing environments are set according to your consumers wants.

Set away several hours to setup the hosting site, core software and configure the public networking functions.


Joomla WordPress Drupal

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