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Vendor pitch: ClickFuel


Newspapers on the sales side are struggling with the fact that advertisers have so many more choices for their media mix, and so newspapers are trying to build new digital and other products to give advertisers more choice in doing business with them, very much in tune with your goals.

The ensuing problem is not just trying to sell multiple products, but the tracking and reporting of the results. Plus, advertisers who are buying media from other vendors have the burden of monitoring their spend across multiple log-ins.

The FuelStation dashboard, now rolling out by one of the larger newspaper groups, with others in the wings, will give the papers a private label tool for advertisers to solve this pain, and give the sales reps more 'horsepower' in their own sales.

What's more, later in the years when several 10s of 1000s of advertisers are on newspaper and other media partner provided dashboards, what will emerge is a real-time data store of best practices/results in media mixes by business segment and geography.

That means a BMW deal in SF will be able to buy reports on what's working best by other BMW dealers in other markets in real time, and while he can't buy reports on his direct competitors, he can buy aggregated data on where other luxury car dealers are finding success in his market.