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MonaVie juice is any nutritional addition that has helped folks with a myriad regarding health issues including stiff mutuals, appetite manage, insomnia, plus weight loss. The "wizardry ingredient" of MonaVie juice yous the acai berry plus the number regarding polyphenols it contains, extra than any other food available to humans. Polyphenols work as anti-oxidants, guarding the cells against free-radicals. It also contains many vitamins as it is a stew of other fresh juices. But, these benefits come in a charge like MonaVie remains dear, all over $45 for 25 ounces. While introducing the beverage to the initial period, mention the two its attributes and negative aspects.

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things you'll need:

MonaVie Juice Glasses

1 Educate yourself about MonaVie. Visit websites that is review MonaVie objectively and become familiar with the positive and adverse things that people include to announce in regard to MonaVie. Make absolutely you visit websites with user evaluates written by real consumers, not salespeople working with MonaVie.

2 Pour a glass about MonaVie to any one that you'd like to introduce the juice to. Inform them that it is a juice made out of 19 different fruits, including the well-known acai berry, a potent antioxidant. Tell them that some about the health benefits reported out of drinking the juice are: weight loss, decreased appetite, increased vitality, clearer skin also alleviation from joint discomfort.

3 Talk the negative aspects regarding MonaVie. Explain that it's not sold in stores and is priced expensively. The company recommends that you drink 2 ounces twice any daytime and as a result one jar only lasts you a week.

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