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"Super Mario Bros." for the Nintendo DS is precisely 1 of many from the "Mario Bros." game franchise. This game remains considerably prefer a contemporary version of the original in the sense that is has a part-scroll game perform being opposed to a complete 3D world, however it does contain numerous 3D graphics. A feature in this game that adds excitement is that the player need to discover any top secret entrances within order to get admittance to certain levels. A prime example about this is the entrance to level 7 in globe 7.

Difficulty: Easy Instructions

1 Start the game also go to level 7-6.

2 Go to the checkpoint, which is pertaining to half-way by means of the level. Some flag will pop awake on the screen once you achieve the checkpoint.

4 Hit the middle block on the top row to remove it. Jump down to the bottom row also hit the central obstruct to reveal any vine. Climb the vine all the way to the top.

5 Jump on the mushroom to the correct of the vine. Remain on it until it takes you all the way to the green pipe.

6 Jump upwards the pipe to transport you to the closure of the level. Hop on the flag pole to exit the level also buy admittance to 7-7.