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A convection oven can help you prepare gourmet meals.

Difficulty: Reasonable


2 Cook with the right pan to make the cooking time faster. To illustration, something cooked in a superficial pan or on a rimless baking sheet will prepare faster inside a convection oven. Foods in covered dishes or deep pans will cook slower and should be placed from any regular oven.

3 Give your food enough room inside the convection oven. Leave about 1 to 1 1/2 inches about space all over the food on all sides. This allows the warm air to circulate properly plus speed up the cooking time.

4 Hold foil off the racks. Covering the racks inside your convection stove by way of aluminum foil will sluggish down the cooking process. Pace it upward by placing nothing on the rack except your shallow pan or baking sheet.

5 Load the pan properly. If the pan or baking sheet you're using has any rim, those rimmed sides ought to be positioned alongside the door regarding the convection oven whenever possible. This will allow for utmost air circulation.


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