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Web site traffic is easy to watch and monitor.

Internet site traffic remains the existence blood of any web site. Exactingly tracking the sources of your website traffic is vitally valuable for understanding how to allocate your advertising dollars plus your search engine optimization efforts. There are many technologies that is track internet site traffic. Websites hosted on cPanel equipped hosting platforms come with some number of built in web stats programs. If you want greater depth also breadth about web site traffic analysis you can need to set up other internet site traffic monitoring programs.

Difficulty: Moderate



1 Log into your cPanel accounts. Scroll down to the Logs area also click the AWStats link.

3 Evaluate the traffic stats for your internet site. You will be presented with any all-inclusive report detailing special visitors by period also date and pages visited.

Google Analytics

1 Visit the Google Analytics page plus click the "Sigh Awake Immediately" link. You must experience a Google accounts to admittance Analytics. You may gain a Google Account to free of charge (Perceive Resources).

2 Log into Google Analytics in your Google Account ID. Click the "Warning Up" button to create your Google Analytics accounts.

3 Enter your website URL, accounts name, land and time zone. Click the "Continue" key. Get into your first plus last identify and your country therefore click the "Continue" button. You will be taken to a Terms of Service page. Check the "I Agree" check box and click the "Create New Account" key. You will be taken to a tracking code setup page.

5 Click the "Conserve and Finish" button. You will be taken to your Google Analytics account page. You can observe your website traffic and run reports that break lower your traffic via source, keywords plus page look at.

AWStats official web site Google Analytics


AW Stats Sample Page Google Accounts

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