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Stakes races represent the best with horse racing. They attract big crowds and the finest horses in the thoroughbred industry. Thoroughbred owners could literally win millions if their horse finishes first. You don't have to be a thoroughbred owner to enjoy watching stakes races.

Difficulty: Tolerably Easy


Going to the Track

1 Get hold of chair reservations in the track days preceding to the event. You need to receive reservations years in advance if you are attending the Breeders' Cup or Kentucky Derby.

3 Bring some pair of binoculars to the track so that you can look at the contest more closely. The horses are hardly apparent with the naked vision when they are running on the backstretch.

Once You're with the Track

1 Acquire a track plan, which contains horse titles, jockey names and coach information. Most importantly, the plan will list the jockey silks so that that is you can simply identify any horse through the race.

2 Monitor the horses walking within during the post parade. Horses will give clues about their current material condition from the way they walk.

3 View the horses break away from the starting gate. This remains an exciting part of stakes races. Employ your binoculars when the horses are on the backstretch.

4 Keep your eyes on the horses when they are racing on the final turn. At this position inside the race, jockeys will be producing various moves to improve their places. Also, listen to the track announcer for additional information.

5 Examine the results when the horses cross the finish line. Complete not toss out any wager tickets until the race is announced official.

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