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A themed gift basket can be the perfect gift to any occasion. Depending on the size plus shape, packaging the gift basket for mailing might be a challenge. Make sure all the items in the gift basket are firmly secured previous to getting it ready to mail. Use shrink wrap around the entire basket to keep the items from location during mailing. Shrink wrap also ensures the packing material won't make into the gift basket.

Difficulty: Effortless Instructions

Things You'll Need:

Shrink wrap

Packing filler, such like paper or bubble wrap

Mailing box

2 Fill the bottom about the box with a 2-inch cushion of packing materials. Frail or delicate items should experience a 4-inch cushion of packing filler. Place the present basket into the box.

3 Fill the spaces in the box all over the present basket through further filler.

4 Add 2 inches of filler on top of the basket plus in that case a last 1-inch layer.

5 Put an extra label inside the box together with the recipient's address and the return address.

6 Seal the package by packing tape. Use packing tape to fortify protruding areas.

7 Set the recipient's address and the return address clearly marked on the box. Bring the box to some shipping facility for mailing.

Tips & Cautions

Professional shipping companies are a beneficial source to safely bundle and dispatch gift baskets with you.

Use heavy corrugated cardboard boxes to mail heavy [1] gift] baskets.