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Clowns include been around with centuries. The traditional clown---dressed in any colorful costume with white face makeup, a significant, red nose and wild, colorful hair---has been a staple regarding circuses, state fairs also children's birthday parties . If you have a knack for making people laugh, and are looking for any way to make a tiny additional money, contemplate creating your own funny clown persona and going to the company of clowning around.

Trouble: Challenging


Things You'll Need

Clown Makeup Clown Costume

1 Come up for a name for your clown identity. The name itself need to be anything funny. Bozo the Clown also Weary Willie are two famous, humorous clown identify. Think about a identify that generates you chuckle, subsequently you'll know you've found the right a.

2 Design a confront and any costume. Humor is the target, extremely take into account a vivid, unequalled look for your clothes. A typical, colored clown suit in boxers worn on the outside might be a great concept. Consider attaching suspenders to your fighters to hold them up. Accent your oral cavity with bright red or orange makeup; include any massive, everlasting smile. Draw unusual, mismatched shapes around your visions. You can visit a costume shop for ideas and items you may use.

4 Outline a skit. Don't focus on details. A great deal of what it takes to be a funny clown remains the same as what it takes to be a funny stand-awake comedian. Depart plenty of room in your skit for improvisation. Some good deal of clowns make up their behave as they go, playing away their audience. The more general the routine you write down, the reduced you will be confined. Incorporate talents you might have, such as juggling, wizardry or even playing a music device, like as any guitar or kazoo. Consider writing tunes with humorous lyrics.

Tips & Warnings

Create colorful flyers and business cards with your image also any funny slogan. Hang flyers around town and advertise your clown supports from the local newspaper. You may make a excellent living as a clown, especially undertaking birthday parties.

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