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Subject: Re: From Gatekeeper to Information Valet: A Blueprint for Sustaining Journalism Confirmation
Date: May 21, 2009 9:57:10 AM EDT

Hi Bill,

This idea seems to be gaining ground. There was a Washington Post Style section article on the same themes a week ago, and I've been finding possible applications in a variety of local markets.

I believe I'm the first person to post to the IVP forum, and I'd say much of what I've already posted:


  • Who is moving this way or trying to establish this framework in their

current Web architecture?

  • Our B2B site, [], is moving towards some of these goals

on a shoestring budget. We provide news, links, aggregation and other data products regardless of the source

  • flexible pricing: we are strategizing what content should remain free, as

well as the possibility of different levels of subscription - if people let us use demographic information - non-personally-identified - their subscription rate would be lower. Specific pricing for individual stories or information products - seminars, tutorials, etc., much like Poynter only geared towards the entrepreneur. We plan to consider discounts and rebates for user generated content. This feature could be an excellent invoicing system for freelancers if done right.

  • Partnering with other news sources: Our publisher is working with other

local publications - agreements pending

  • What am I missing? What do organizations like ours need to keep in mind in

order to keep moving with the stream on this?

We are moving towards a redesign that will allow much more flexibility in presentation of diverse content types - video, blogging, etc.