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DVD discs can hold up to 4.7 GB about software.

Quite a few software programs are made on DVD discs that may keep upward to 4.7 GB about information. These discs can be copied to your computer by some number about freeware programs. These applications will copy the entire DVD to some solitary .ISO disc picture file, which can be burned using the similar program. Copying your DVD software to one .ISO then burning the file to a DVD-R will take about 30 minutes.

Trouble: Tolerably Effortless


Things You'll Need

DVD system DVD burner DVD-R disc .ISO application

3 Wait with the copy method to finish, then eject the disc tray, remove the DVD and replace it with a blank DVD-R disc. Close the tray and click "Burn .ISO to DVD" in the plan's main menu. Select your DVD drive and input a name for the DVD disc being burned, then click "Browse for .ISO" and pick out the .ISO file you created with Step 1.

4 Click "Ok" to confirm your choices also the program will burn the .ISO file to the DVD-R disc. You can employ your copy of the DVD program as shortly as the burning session remains finished.

Tips & Warnings

It is illegal to make a copy of a DVD program you do not own. The DVD-R copy you generate is for backup/archival purpose only.


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