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Trouble: Simple Instructions

Things You'll Need:


Collection Container

HCG cassette test

1 Purchase your HCG cassette test from the store or online. This may be done through each and every online medical retailer or through your local pharamacy. HCG cassette tests are those that achieve not have an absorbent tip for pee collection yet rather a collection well. This is in addition the type of HCG test most frequently used by medical clinics.

2 Collect your piss in any small container. Piss collected early inside the morning contains the highest levels of HCG making it the preferred testing spare time.

3 Location urine in the reading pane using the dropper. Most kits include the dropper and will specify the suitable number of drops, usually one to two.

4 Specify your timer to the occasion outlined inside the package deal instructions. This is usually 3 minutes. Reading the results too early may effect on a false reading. According to website, analysis has suggested that ready 10 mins before reading the result is most effective in taking an accurate reading.

5 Read the results. Some control line ought to appear shortly following the addition regarding urine. This validates that exclusive appropriate volume was added plus that the check yous functioning. This is never an suggestion of pregnancy. A second series will appear if HCG levels are detectable. Even if the series yous really mild this is exclusive indication of pregnancy.

Tips & Warnings

User error can result in inaccurate results from any house pregnancy check and confirmation from your health care pro yous important. The occurrence of false negatives yous much higher other than false helpfuls with household HCG testing.