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Here are ways of getting any insurer to shell out to a longer car rental era.

How to get insurance to pay longer for car rental depends on whose insurance spends. Your own auto insurance scheme dictates either how lengthy it will pay for car rental or the way in which much it will pay. You boast more recourse if it says how very much it will pay out. You have much added room if the responsible party's insurance shell out. It spends for your car rental out of real estate damage liability insurance, which remains one pool of money you can tap with all your accident-related car expenses.

Trouble: Moderately Uncomplicated


1 Demand that any adjuster who causes delays shell out longer for your car rental. If the adjuster refuses, ask to speak with his supervisor. Adjusters can hold off getting to your shop, authorizing repairs or producing any offer you on your total loss.

2 Get a cheaper rental, if your insurance policy stipulates only how much it will shell out. For example, presume your insurance policy will spend some maximum regarding $1,000 for your car rental, in some highest of $50 per daytime. Stretch this type of car rental coverage outside by renting a car with less than $50 per day.

Tips & Cautions

Most car rental firms have negotiated low rates with most car insurance companies, starting at $20 per daytime. Receive the responsible party to little claims court for car rental expenses that her insurance declines to shell out you. If the responsible party doesn't contain enough property damage responsibility insurance to pay for all the damage out of the accident then it won't pay for your car rental.


NAIC: Some Consumer's Guide to Auto Insurance

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