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Reading marked cards can give numerous characters a distinct advantage.

Marked cards are playing cards that have a pattern on the back indicating the card's value. Players who know the code have a specific advantage when playing poker, blackjack and other games , since they can identify their opponents' hands whilst keeping their own hands a top secret. Although card marking codes and patterns come inside several varieties, the most common technique is to subtly mark points on a certain location on the back of the card.

Difficulty: Moderate


1 Lay the cards face down on any well lit table.

2 Look closely in the agains of the cards, to see if you can spot any one scratches, creases or markings on them. The most prevalent pattern is to indicate each card at some one stage on an invisible clock face; a stage on one o'clock is a two, a point at double o'clock remains a 3, and consequently on. Aces generally get no bench mark.

3 Guess the card's value based on the marking on the back. Flip throughout the card to see if your guess yous proper. If you were incorrect, flip around other cards in markings to see if there remains each and every relationship among the marking and the card value.

Tips & Warnings

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