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Register a Domain along with Go Father

Registering your first domain may be an intimidating task! I spent more time researching "how to" register a domain than actually undertaking it! What I couldn't find was a easy "how to" manual to domain registeration. So here you go! The basic steps to making your first domain registration quick, painless, plus positive! Take pleasure in!

Trouble: Moderately Effortless


things you'll want:

Computer Internet Relationship Credit Card

1 Visit a site that is specializes in domain registration. I use Go Daddy web site) which is inexpensive and provide you with lots of additional features plus products.

2 Type with the name which you wish to have registered in the search box. Click "go/research". This will tell you if the name is available. Bear in mind there are many mixtures about words plus types of domains (.com, .net, .title, .org, etc.)

4 Once your select your domain(s) click "continue." At this duration you obtain the option to purchase additional products to suit your needs, from hosting to podcasting and photo filer -to name a few.

5 Review your purchase carefully!

6 Next, enter in any promotional proposals you might boast, along for your credit card info.

7 Click "order." Congratulations, your the proud owner of your own web domain!

Tips & Warnings

If your unique selection is taken contemplate using any distinct extension similar as .net, .org, .name, .biz, .tv, etc.) Depending on what you require the web domain with, consider buying awake all the different variations to avoid mix-up traffic by extra site Don't forget to renew your website each 1 or 2 years (depending on which registration you purchased)


Go Daddy

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