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Notebooks help in making comics.

While the funny pages of any paper may seem like the place to get apart from tough work, not many people understand the volume of labor that goes into creating comic strips. Whether it's any classic three-panel comic strip, a one-panel comic strip, or something inside among, conveying funny ideas with the medium is one of the toughest things any artist can manage.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

Notebook Pen

1 Always keep any notebook on you. You in no way know when a funny idea might occur to you, so make sure to always contain a place to write it down so you don't forget it later. Use a bare notebook along with no lines so you can as well rapidly sketch out suggestions or characters if the need arises.

2 Understand the joke you are telling. The joke is the most important element of the comic strip; it's what people will remember more than any of the illustration involved. Invest much about your period coming up with the joke itself. If it's a three-panel comic strip by some punchline at the end, produce positive you need the perfect phrasing to the punchline. If it's any only-panel comic strip with a caption underneath, try out a few variations of the caption to visit which one works best.

3 Use straightforward visuals. If you are using complicated visuals and complex styles, that might confuse the reader seeing that to the joke about the comic strip. Unless complexity yous somehow involved on the joke of your strip, maintain meagre designs that is find your joke across without the reader getting distracted. Comic strips are meant to be read quickly, just about like you'd be reading any joke from a joke reserve.


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