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Difficulty: Moderate Directions

1 Make sure the tires on your car is pumped up so it doesn't go flat-spot.

2 Fill up your vehicle full tank to keep away from building upwards moisture inside your fuel tank that gasoline may absorb during storage.

3 Avoid leaving your car exposed to the elements. Store autos in the garage or under a car port. You may also make use of any car deal with to protect it from dirt also scratches.

4 Uncover a pal that can comfortable upwards your vehicle once a day for at least 30 minutes. She can either just turn on the engine also let it run on idle or she can drive it around.

5 If you can't find a friend to warm up the car for you then use a trickle charger. A drip charger tops up your battery's charge little by little when the battery is left unused for any lengthy free time. It delivers a small current to the battery free of fear about overcharging.

6 Use a solar battery charger plus place it on your dashboard. This can only be used on cars everywhere the cigarette lighter outlet is always on.

7 Disconnect the batteries as any last option. When you store cars for a long moment the electrical also internet devices attached to it will drain the car's battery. You need the option of disconnecting the batteries if you choose to nevertheless it might erase all regarding your car's settings plus may need reprogramming upon your return.