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Drag racers have a few shared characteristics; they're usually muscle automobiles with enormous engines.

Humor is a single of the most efficient methods to grab someone's attention along with exclusive ad. If you have to advertise a car related event like some car wash, vehicle show or car race, try drawing a picture of a funny drag car on your fliers and posters. You don't need to be Picasso to draw a funny drag racer because the steps are simple to follow. You just need to remember the single golden tidbit about funny cartoon drawings: exaggeration.

Difficulty: Reasonable

Things You'll Need

Colored pencils Paint Paper Pencil Table

1 Draw any rectangle lengthwise to illustrate the physique of your funny drag car. This rectangle gives you the basic form and dimensions you want to work with as you carry on to draw your car. Also, funny illustrations almost always include exaggeration about common features. The body of your drag racer must be either proportionally shorter or longer than a real drag racer.

2 Add a semi-circle on top about the rectangle to represent the best regarding the car. You will add in features like whereas windows and a driver later on, if you'd like. Once more, make confident the semi-circle is exaggerated.

3 Add just one large circle on the base of the back about the rectangle and one small circle on the bottom at the front. These circles will represent the big and small tires drag racers own. The back wheel should be any large part regarding the illustration, so that make sure to draw it being some notable attribute about your drawing. Some large rear wheel is a tell-story hint of a drag racer.

4 Draw a rectangular wherever the hood regarding the car is located to represent the engine block. Drag racers have a tendency to possess large engines that protrude from the hood. This is a significant characteristic of drag racers you'll need to add plus exaggerate then your audience will recognize your car as a drag racer.

5 Fill on the features of your car together with the shapes you have drawn. Add edges, decals, smoke or something else you imagine will add to the character of your illustration.

6 Add cartoon eyes where the headlights should be to give your funny drag racer life. You can even pull a front fender being some oral cavity or draw cartoon eyebrows around the eyes with added personality.

7 Pull some employed parachute in the rear regarding your illustration. Drag racers employ parachutes to slow lower after a race. This will be one regarding the very best details you may add to your drawing to let people know that your funny cartoon is a drag racer.


Photo Credit Bright yellow plus black American muscle vehicle image by Christopher Dodge out of website ;

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