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Values for stakeholders/questions -- advertising


privacy-trust issues
  • Legal conformance (may requires laws that don’t exist)
  • Bottom-up approach – consumer has opt in and control over the information they reveal – how it is used. With context.
  • How? Some type of non-profit entity, maybe a standards organization, an enforceable ombudsman that speaks for the consumer. ISO? NST?
  • Reality – state law will move faster than federal law. Federal will emerge from it.
  • Should be proactive efforts now by organizations and technologists and journalists to socialize what is being said so laws don’t get created that cause more harm than good.
  • Transparency as much as possible with consumers. Trust fundamental to making system work.
  • Technology has to reflect all these principles of privacy policy.
Service issues


  • -- Connect payment by advertisers to the content consumers and to the media rep/the newspaper channel collecting the information.
  • -- Tech realities to include:
  • -- Micropayments
  • -- Direct channels to groups
  • -- Needs to work with existing systems (blogs, social networks)
  • -- Has to be trusted, opt-in system