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Jeff Vander Clute and Cynthia Typaldos (Kachingle) exchanged email information


Why are you coming to "Blueprint" and what do you hope will be accomplished, personally and collectively?

We have been developing a 22nd century (metaphorically speaking) and yet pragmatic framework for semantic computing. There are already gov't applications in the pipeline for 2009. It seems the technology also has applicability in the information and media space. I will be exploring the specific needs of this market segment. Our technology has deep scientific roots and has the potential to go further than present Semantic Web initiatives.

What is the one thing that would be most likely to make your time at the Reynolds Institute most valuable?

My view is that "semantics is higher-dimensional spatial reasoning" and that the information we consume both fits into and shapes our mental landscape. A pragmatic approach to creating efficiencies must include an evaluation of the form in which information is published on the front end (e.g. how "raw" semantic relationships are exposed). Post-processing doesn't have enough intelligence in and of itself to be maximally useful. I would like to know what is being done currently to semanticize the entire process.


My startup, Kachingle (tag line "crowdfunding change") is a monetization service for online content and services that is not a form of advertising. It's not a subscription service either – we think it is in a new category that we call "kachingling" J. We are launching our service within a month and I am coming to the conference to meet journalists and other people who are trying to solve the dilemma of a reasonable biz model for online content. I am hoping to make contact with bloggers and websites that would be interested in being part of our initial launch. Our first target (for Recipient sites) is political and news blogs and websites, as these sites are closely tied together and advertising as a biz model is not working for them.

I also hope to understand better the mindset of people in the news and media industry. My background is all in hi-tech primarily sw and internet.

There is a two page overview of Kachingle which explains the problem we are trying to solve. Anyone attending the conference who would like to see it, just send me an email cynthia.typaldos AT [It's a Google docs pdf file which unfortunately cannot be shared without sending an email invitation.]