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Next-step task areas for IVP collaborators

Here are seven task areas for Information Valet Project collaborators, and bullet-point tasks within each. (Collaborators are invited to add to/edit or otherwise refine this list by using the wiki edit function. Click on the tab at the top of page and remember to click on "Save page" tab when done editing)

Legal/corporate form/governance

  • Five case studies – Bluetooth, OPA, NCN, formed/benefits
  • Creating entity to own patents/etc. licensing, or just series of relationships is there an entity or a series of relationships; is there IP that needs to reside someplace or is it contractual trust relationships among content aggregators; maybe both.
  • Payment guarantees and liabilities –- who bears
  • Profit or nonprofit organization?
  • Should this be trade association to mitigate all the legal/liability issues?
  • What is hte governance? How are decisions made about who gets admitted? Participation rules?


  • Concept needs a marketing-requirements document
  • How to launch with a significant network in place
  • Is this marketed B-to-B or B-to-C or both? In what sequence?
  • Define what the rewards system is for the users
  • What are the terms –- name of agent (news organization) vs. name of the operating service.
  • How to position the news organization as a information repository handler


  • How does IVP facilitate role of advertising by moving money around ecosystem
  • Might just be revenue generation – is “advertising” too limiting term?
  • Revenue generation through advertising or other business models
  • How to get money in hands of people who create content other than subscriptions

Support of content

  • Determine what types of content are going to be involved:
    Examples: News, academic, medical, legal, other trade/niche, music, audio, video/movies, self-help, games, databases, other multimedia?
  • Is a standard metadata protocol required?
  • How and if we price it / per item / by subscription / something else? To market?
  • Who is going to provide content? Traditional media? Individuals? Both?
  • Identify early adopters
  • Is this processing of content (service) rather than owning content (product)?
  • Who owns content? Community? Proprietary?
  • Identify topic areas no one has claimed yet
  • Who does the filter? Is the IV Service a filter, or a neutral pipe?
  • Pricing by article, subject, domain, phrase, concept?
  • What is role of traditional journalism?
  • Support variable pricing based on time, market, user metrics?


  • Use/ownership/custodianship of privacy information
  • What will people exchange for their privacy?
  • Need a framework for rules, like OECD guidelines
  • Stress transparency
  • Rules for exchange/repurposing of information
  • Rules about use of information collected in service; what if companies go out of business; is information asset of company; better to do it the way money is treated. Money always belongs to individual.
  • Literature review on ownership of identify; opportunities and liabilities of being “custodians” of peoples’ personal information. Is there a core of information that can’t be traded/sold?
  • Law firm representing custodians of personal information. Legal discussion as detailed as technical; hard to bridge two worlds. (39 states security notice breach laws) IDEA.

Business models/financial

  • Credit/risk issues
  • How does the economic status of user affect access?
  • Do we need a virtual "public library" aspect?
  • Market pricing -- scale of network will determine its value
  • Figure out staging: How cait be started in a very simply way right now?
  • Can charge/no charge and reward cases be an option of the local InfoValet provider?
  • Flesh out VRM vs. CRM approach which still works for vendors
  • Recognize that advertising is content too because it attracts readers -- e.g., Craig's list

Technology/IP rights

  • Are there any patent issues?
  • Who owns an unique intellectual property created?