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Disclosure: Bill Densmore and Clickshare Service Corp.

Bill Densmore, a 2008-2009 Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute fellow at the Missouri School of Journalism, is pursuing The Information Valet Project / (PDF). It's an effort to create an Internet shared-user network for user-centric demographic/privacy management, personalization for advertising and content, and for charging for premium content.

Densmore was also the founder of Clickshare Service Corp., a private, Amherst, Mass.-based company. Clickshare was granted a patent on Jan. 29, 2008, entitled: "Managing transactions on a network: four or more parties." Densmore is neither a director nor officer of Clickshare and takes no role in the company's operations.

Richard Lerner, CEO of Clickshare, has advised Densmore and others assisting with the Information Valet Project. In accepting a fellowship year at Reynolds, Mr. Densmore advised the Reynolds Institute that should work on the Information Valet Project lead others to conclude that a licensing of technology from Clickshare might be warranted, he would take no part in any consideration of the matter since he is a stockholder in Clickshare.