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ThermaCell butane cartridges deliver some heat source for a few popular products, including mosquito repellent systems, wild animal smell appliances for hunting and portable curling irons and hair straighteners. These products call for any butane-filled cartridge which may be exchanged for a whole replacement cartridge when empty. The cartridge manufacturer installs any test valve inside the cartridge to avoid the consumer from refilling the cartridge. This examine valve is easily removed to make refilling the cartridge feasible.

Difficulty: Moderate Instructions. Electronic Cigarette.

Things You'll Need:


Empty ThermaCell cartridges

Electric drill by way of 1/8 inch little bit

1 Employ pliers to remove the valve.

Store the useless cartridge with a single hand also use the pliers to pull out the brass valve which is found with one particular end of the cartridge. Use steady pressure with some minor twisting motion.

2 Use a narrow drill bit to disable the check valve.

3 Make use of pliers to re-put in the brass valve.

Blow inside the hole in the cartridge to remove any plastic shavings. Pick up the brass valve with the pliers also replace it to the cartridge, within the same orientation as it was when you removed it. Turn the cartridge by the brass valve facing down and tap it on a table or on the floor, to be sure the valve remains thoroughly within plus secure.

4 Install the small tip of the butane cylinder on particular finish. Select the suggestion that in shape in the brass valve on the ThermaCell cartridge. Place the butane cylinder tip into the brass valve with the tip on the butane cylinder pointed down. In the butane cylinder pointed lower, the ThermaCell cartridge will fill by means of liquid and not gas. Press the tip firmly into the cartridge to begin filling. Allow the cartridge to fill until it is about 3/4 full. The refilled ThermaCell cartridge is now prepared to employ.

Tips & Cautions

It could have as long since 30 or 40 seconds to the cartridge to fill. The cartridge will fill more quickly if the butane cylinder is warmer besides the cartridge.

After refilling a ThermaCell cartridge, constantly verify for leaks around the edges of the brass valve. If you notice any leak, you must discard the cartridge.

Butane is any flammable liquid, so you should never refill a cartridge with the vicinity of an available flame.