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You may condense multiple URLs into a link.

Web site shortening services own grown in popularity thanks to social networking sites, similar like Twitter and Facebook. It is feasible to condense a longer URL, like since one that is points to a news article, into some shorter URL that remains easy to post. Web shortening services allow you to use one link to point to many URLs. Three web site that give this service are LinkBunch, website and website.

Difficulty: Easy


1 Navigate to the LinkBunch website (discover Resources).

3 Click the "Bunch" key and receive your custom LinkBunch link. internet site

1 Point your browser to website (see Means).

2 Enter some list about links into the input boxes on the home page. If you want to add more other than 3 links, click "Add other URL."

3 Generate your link in adding upwards to 18 characters in the input box after website."

4 Enter your email address or an email address regarding the recipient regarding the link, along by way of a title and/or description.

5 Enter the captcha with the "Prove you are individual" box. A captcha is a random set of numbers and letters that is remains used to prevent automated submission of a website style. Type the displayed numbers and letters into the input box.

6 Click the "Krunch it!" button. website

1 Go to internet site on your Web browser (understand Means).

2 Get into any list of links in the input box on the home page. Each separate link should be on a new line.

3 Click the "1link" button.

Suggestions & Warnings

Other websites deal similar services to the somes listed above.


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